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A visit to the kitchen showroom displays you a vast range of quartz countertops colors and styles. These designs incredibly incorporate real marble and other natural materials. There is an array of finish options and countless variations of paint and edge designs. You're likely to find the beautiful countertops that add value to your house. If you are looking for the quartz countertops near you, look for the place handling the design, installation, sale, and fabrication efficiently.

Star Granite and Marble is managing its installation and fabrication with the professional craftsmen. We handle all the renovation of your countertops. You should also check our sample work in our showroom to find the best quartz countertop styles in your area. In this article, we have emphasized the importance of quartz countertops in your house and why you should select quartz countertops. Keep scrolling to read more. 

Why should you select quartz countertops?

1. A vast range is available.

This quartz is man-made and allows you to select from a wide range of colors and designs available compared to other natural stones. There are more stylistic choices available, and you also have the chance to select the countertop material. The top-quality quartz offers you a wide variety of choices for any design, but it also looks beautiful, just like the natural stones.

2. It is easy to clean and maintain.

The cost and aesthetic appeal of the countertops are high, but one cannot the functionality and advanced features of quartz countertops. These countertops are among the most efficient, easy-to-maintain, and durable materials available. This material shows high resistance to heat and strains, which make it easy to maintain. Quartz cannot be scratched easily, and it is also rare to chip. There is no sealing required for quartz countertops. There are some chances of strains on quartz due to the presence of chemicals and cleaners. These elements can discolor the pigments, but this is not common. The best way to handle this situation is by using natural stone cleaners as quartz is mostly made up of natural stones. 

3. It is design-friendly 

Some manufacturers offer full-sized slabs for uninterrupted countertops. And even with conventional slabs, normally 60 by 120 inches (ca. 3 m), the edges would be almost unnoticeable. Additional resins make cleaner cuts without chipping as stone seems to be doing. The resins often render quartz more durable than natural stone. This feature enables the producers to turn and mold it into sinks or the edges of a shaped island. So it's flexible enough to use on walls and floors and manufacturers can also carve the slabs into regular tile sizes.

4. It is cost-effective.

The quartz countertops come with reasonable cost, and you get a good deal with the premium standards of style, durability, and quality of quartz. The quartz countertops cost is almost similar to the granite and ranges from $50 to $500 per square foot. Quartz countertops are affordable in most cases, so you will be getting the top-quality material, which will not increase your budget. These countertops are less expensive than marble countertops. If you have to remodel your kitchen and look for the quartz countertops near you, start this project by carefully spending each dollar. Some varieties of quartz countertops are more expensive than granite, but still, you will get a good deal with quartz countertops. 

5. You get a great ROI.

The long-lasting quality and attractiveness of quartz countertops ensure that you get a good return on investment while selling it. These countertops never look dull and old and always remain stylish. When you sell the house, the quartz countertops will look new as the day they were installed. These countertops play a significant role in making your house valuable and attractive to potential buyers and making your house easy to sell. If you have laminated materials installed in your house, these countertops will look more elegant, and you can receive up to 80% ROI.

Quartz Countertop and Granite

There was a time when quartz was playing the game of natural stone. Quartz gained wide attention as a less porous and more durable material than slab granite. It was also considered an easy to fabricate material. The granite-look quartz materials are still available with huge numbers, but the quartz looks like nothing else has gained worldwide attention. Quartz is one of the examples of such materials with its ultra-modern category. This material offers many color like the Blizzard, Crocodile, and Apple Martini.

Do quartz countertops add value to your house?

This is a widely asked question, and the simple answer to this question would be a yes. When you install quartz countertops in your house to make it look better, it should also increase the value of your house.

The added value to your house depends on the following factors.

Size of your house

The average home prices in your area

Overall condition of your house

Several studies have been conducted to find the price added to your house after installing quartz countertops. Interior furnished homes bring more prices compared to the standard-home options. There was a difference of $55 per square foot.

What type of countertops to choose?

If you have to purchase new countertops before putting your home up for sale, you need to be careful about your choice. Ensure the latest countertops blend with the kitchen or bathroom's main decorations. Go for something appealing yet adaptable — the neutrals are often fine. Now is not the moment to make a stylish decision. Choose something popular, not too costly. Tell our experts that you're consulting with to recommend countertop forms and designs that seem more timeless.


Quartz countertops add value to your house, and they are a great option to consider. They play a significant role in making your house look beautiful and elegant. Companies who produce this material can configure colors and designs in whatever way the consumer likes, so that's sort of cool. Quartz slabs are also environmental-friendly.

If you are searching like quartz countertops near me you can end your search here and meet with our expert team to execute your quartz countertops project with the best prices. visit our contact web page. Our renovating experts will get in touch with you.