When the weather outside is frightening...you just want to stay inside. And that might not be all that bad, if you love the space you’re in. This season, we encourage you to embrace the seasonal vibe by making your kitchen cozy, warm and winter wonderful..

Give your kitchen a cozy vibe.

These cozy elements do double duty -- they’ll make you physically warmer and more comfortable, but they’ll also give you that irreplaceable cozy feel. Prepare to cuddle up.

Create a coffee station for warm coffee, hot cocoa and tea. It can be as big as its own feature in your home or as small as a designated cabinet like our client requested for her kitchen remodel.

At this time of year, your garden full of fresh flowers is a distant memory -- so embrace what you have. Pine boughs and branches make for cheery -- and good-smelling -- decor. A Christmas cactus or ivy can add a much-needed dash of green, too, and if you don’t have a green thumb, it’s okay to turn to fake plants.