Granite Countertops and Quartz Countertops are New Trends

Granite Countertops and

Quartz Countertops are New Trends

Kitchens are sacred and have been since time immemorial. They are the one place that all the magic unfolds. Uncooked ingredients coalesce to form delightful and delicious warm meals. Whether it is a soup topped with new chopped mint, or an exquisitely baked multi-floor cake teeming with chocolate filling. The kitchen is the most happening place in your house. The time you enter a busy kitchen, you witness scenes that are wonderful, stressful, and transformative all at the same time. You see these events unfold right before your eyes, you might encounter steam rising from a new unloaded pot. Gaze at it as it is sucked in viciously by the chimney exhaust above. You realize that the infantile steam that so vigorously rose and it disappears as if it reached a poetic end. 

These subtleties are hard to observe but once witnessed, it is hard to overlook them and ignore the beauty hidden within. If a black, electric (or gas-powered) stove serves as the star of the show, then the countertops that surround it play the supporting role. One has to make sure that the granite or quartz countertops are the omnipresent constant. They are transforming the kitchen, are never neglected or compromised.

Granite Countertops Near Me Searches Increase Because;

Enter Countertops. Run your hand across a new furnished countertop. Feel your fingertips glide smoothly across it, and as you slide, you notice the brilliant and flawless straight orientation of the surface. Good countertops are a godsend in a kitchen. They serve as a crucial venue for prepping scrumptious meals. Whether you need a hard surface to rest your elbow as you chop vegetables like an automatic machine? Maybe you need a firm base to roll perfectly round bread. Granite countertops and quartz countertops are the multi-purpose handymen that will never disappoint. However, there is one small caveat about countertops that many people don't know about.

The Sad Reality of Wooden Countertops

If your countertop isn't made of stone, it is bound to fail the test of time. Wooden countertops are cheap because they have a significantly shorter lifespan. They undergo regrettable discoloration, weathering and a misplaced slice from a chef’s knife can leave a permanent scar on your precious wooden countertop. You don't need to take this risk or jeopardize the vital role of your supporting character in the grand play of the kitchen? You don't need to put yourself through this needless agony as you watch your kitchen fall apart after years or months.

Granite Countertops and Quartz Countertops are The New Hope

The material of the countertop, which it is modeled, constructed and furnished with, is the vital ingredient that ensures its longevity. Choose natural stone countertops. The reason is simple. Granite and Quartz, both of these stones are the hardest material that you’ll find in the market. Period. It’s the material that forms the crust of the Earth itself. If anything, the ground that we stand on, a billion years of it. This is the ultimate testament to the firmness and longevity of these marvelous natural stones. Wood won't be a good option because it indefinitely pales in comparison to the might of Granite and Quartz. They are the most viable option available in the market. (After diamonds, because diamonds can be a tad bit expensive).

Running your fingers across a natural stone countertop

This is a great feeling rarely surpassed. The silky smooth surface couple with a firm rocky hardness is both assuring and satisfying. A mindless cut from the knife does little to steal the grandeur away from this kind of countertop. It remains defiant and eternally confident. Any spillage, stain, or smudge is just one wipe away from being virtually unobservable. Even after years and years of grueling kitchen work and “happy accidents” these natural stone countertops will retain their flawless elegance. Weathering hardly makes the list here. You will be having a natural material unbound by the confines and cruelty of time; aging, weathering. The discoloration is improbable that would be laughed upon by seasoned chefs, cooks, or kitchen salespeople. Natural stones are the way to go. Let’s now explore how they can be a part of your kitchen. 

Modeling or Remodeling the Kitchen

Are you on your way to choose what material, make, and design best fits a kitchen? The natural stone countertops are unarguably the best available option. If you were to search the trends that dictate kitchen space, granite countertops and quartz countertops would make the list quite easily. What was once a novelty before, is now more or less becoming commonplace. Stone countertops have never been more accessible in history than the age we live in right now. They are dominating 2020 and will unquestionably continue to do so in the decade that is to follow. Their conquest knows no bounds.

What if you already have a kitchen with those dreaded wooden countertops? Fret not! Wooden countertops are easy to remove and discard. Their material makes sure that, in essence, they are expendable. So if you often frown upon your weathered, stained, or just unimaginably unappealing wooden countertop? You can always opt for feasible remedies. Are you looking for a stone material as a replacement? You’re definitely on the right path and have freed yourself from suffering unnecessarily!

The Moral Solution Here

Hopefully, you’ve been sold on the why and what of elegant stone countertops. However, there is one final piece to this intricate puzzle. You’ll be asking yourself: Where can I find these granite countertops near me?

Well, the answer is as straightforward as the hypothetical question that has been posted. You are so close find the best, and most affordable granite countertops or quartz countertops. Please visit our store and browse through an excellent and carefully curated catalog of natural stone countertops. We have a wide range of sizes, colors, makes, shapes, and ideas to your heart’s desire. Our efforts are always geared towards making sure that you are satisfied when you walk out of our door.